TMH is pleased to support our clients by becoming providers for their insurance carriers, whenever possible.

Currently we accept insurance assignment from:
Co-payment, cost share and deductibles are the patient’s responsibility.

TMH established the Quality Care Plan (QCP) to guarantee affordable and adequate medical services for civilian contractors working on military installations or in war theatre.

While medical services are always available at TMH Hospitals and Clinics without a QCP agreement, the plan is designed to save time and money for our clients when dealing with unpredictable medical and dental needs of their employees.

QCP plans are available in six and 12 month packages and include:

  • No-charge initial evaluation visit (per stated condition)
  • No-charge first follow-up evaluation visit (per initial condition) is always provided at TMH Hospitals and Clinics
  • Reduced price follow-up evaluation visits after the first follow-up
  • Reduced rates for medical and dental treatments
  • All medications under $15 are included at no charge
  • Discounted rates for medical evacuations through TMH Medevac

For more information about the TMH Quality Care Plan (QCP), please see the attached QCP Fact Sheet or contact us.

TMH is also a provider for: TMH11-TriCareTMH11A-TriCarePrime

TMH Medical provides invoices and proof of payment to facilitate your reimbursement from TRICARE. Please refer to the link below for detailed information on the process to submit your invoice and proof of payment to TRICARE.
From the TRICARE Overseas Website: “To ensure your claim is processed accurately and payment is assigned to the beneficiary (and not the provider), proof of payment is required. Proof of payment information may include a cancelled check or credit card receipt showing payment made to the provider/supplier.”