For critical or infectious patients, our capabilities consist of providing appropriately equipped aircraft for evacuating patients with a highly-skilled and expert flight team and medical crew consisting of a doctor & nurse or nurse & paramedic combination as determined by the level of care required. The medical crew is prepared and equipped to manage the most critical of cases for short and long distance flights.

TMH has the unique ability to coordinate ground ambulance service and landing permits on military bases throughout Afghanistan.

With All Missions, TMH Medevac Delivers:

  • Mission Response Center staffed 24/7 by highly skilled personnel
  • Unparalleled communication regarding patient movements throughout the mission
  • 24/7 medical director oversight and medical specialist consultation services
  • Rapid contact, 24/7 care, and transport times
  • Assistance as needed with visas, hospital admission, ground transportation, and more
  • Services provided from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and other regional countries
  • Service provided to almost anywhere in the world
  • Range of services required for simple medical escort to critical care
  • All mission essential equipment provided – ventilators, pumps, and monitors
  • Competitive pricing
  • Comprehensive service both medical and operational.