If the patient is able and cleared to fly commercially, TMH Medevac has the resources to provide medical escorts who deliver care and treatment before, during, and after the flight. TMH Medevac provides these services from beginning to end, or bed to bed, almost anywhere in the world.

Our roster of experienced flight ready nurses and paramedics are located in USA and Canada. TMH Medevac also has unique capabilities in Afghanistan, Iraq and the surrounding region. We have critical care nurses stationed in Dubai, UAE and Kandahar, Afghanistan, in addition to our physicians, nurses and paramedics stationed at our clinics and hospital located in Kandahar, Bastion/Leatherneck and Bagram.

Medical escorts are selected based on the specific needs of the patient. In addition to providing any necessary medical attention during the transfer, the medical escort(s) also secure wheelchair and lift assistance, provide luggage assistance, navigate through airports and customs/immigration procedures, ensure the patient’s overall comfort and peace of mind.

With All Missions, TMH Medevac Delivers:

  • Mission Response Center staffed 24/7 by highly skilled personnel
  • Unparalleled communication regarding patient movements throughout the mission
  • 24/7 medical director oversight and medical specialist consultation services
  • Rapid contact, 24/7 care, and transport times
  • Assistance as needed with visas, hospital admission, ground transportation, and more
  • Services provided from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and other regional countries
  • Service provided to almost anywhere in the world
  • Range of services required for simple medical escort to critical care
  • All mission essential equipment provided – ventilators, pumps, and monitors
  • Competitive pricing
  • Comprehensive service both medical and operational.